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What can a brand known for canvas Print in Nigeria do for you?

In this episode, you will find out where to buy Canvas Prints Wall Arts in Nigeria and also details concerning Canvas Prints frames in Nigeria.

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What Are Canvas Prints?

Canvas Print in Nigeria


Canvas Prints is the after effect of a picture or photo imprinted onto canvas which is extended, stretched or wrapped onto a prepared edge and showed.

Canvas prints are regularly utilized in inside structure, with stock pictures, or altered with individual photos in good quality.


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Photo Prints VS Canvas Print in Nigeria, Which is Better?


I would say, it depends on the photo you are printing!

Nigerian Canvas Prints:

A Nigerian Canvas Print frame is the result of an image printed onto canvas which is stretched, or gallery-wrapped, onto a frame and then finally displayed.

Canvas prints are often used in interior designs with Stock Images, or customized with Personal Photographs.

Canvas prints in Nigeria are intended to reproduce the look of original oil or acrylic paintings on stretched canvas.

Canvas prints in general are often used as a cheaper alternative to framed artwork as there is no glazing needed and the pine frame is not usually visible, so is not mandatory to be varnished, or treated.


Nigerian Photo Prints:

Photographic printing is the process of producing a final image on paper for viewing, using chemically sensitized paper.

This paper is exposed to a photographic negative, a positive transparency (or slide), or a digital image file projected using an enlarger or digital exposure unit such as a LightJet printer.

Subsequently, the negative or transparency may be placed atop the paper and directly uncovered, creating a contact print.

Photo Printings are used to build Canvas Wall Frames and Photo Frames in Nigeria.


Canvas Print in Nigeria, Does it Fade?

Canvas Print in Nigeria


Canvas is one of the popular materials that are used for wide-format digital printing and to create a canvas print in Nigeria;

In canvas printing; one simply has to print a preferred photo of choice on the canvas material which is usually fabric made from hemp that is not only strong but also durable.

The printed canvas is then enlarged through stretching, and thereafter it is fastened on to a frame or wooden frame materials for display.

The sturdy plain weaving design of canvas and the fact that the material evokes an artistic feel comparable to that of acrylic and oil paintings are the ideal reasons why canvas is preferred printing material in Nigeria in comparison to other materials such as paper.

But the question that still lingers in the minds of many Nigerians is whether canvas prints fade over time.

The durability of canvas prints is determined by several elements that includes;

How you care for your canvas print?

– The ink used, protecting spray etc.

These factors likely determine if your canvas print will fade.

But if we’re to come to a conclusion;

Then, Canvas Prints in Nigeria do fade with time – but the speed at which they fade is determined by the different conditions under which the prints are placed.

For example;

The rate that they fade depends on several variables to

– Canvas Type

– Ink

– Lamination and;

– Environmental Elements.

Note: A Canvas Prints printed with a premium Canon pigment inks, laminated and printed on archival canvas can possibly possess a fade resistant canvas prints up to 200 years.


Should You Frame Canvas Print in Nigeria?

Canvas Print in Nigeria


Overtime, a Canvas Print image will get damaged and warped, if not framed.

Framing not only gives Nigerian Canvas Prints protection but also makes them look different and in most cases, better.

You can opt for custom framing and select every aspect of the frame, making it personalized and more-suited to the place you’re going to hang it.


Can You Hang Canvas Prints in Nigeria outside?


It’s a norm that wall canvas frames are hung indoors, but Of course, you can hang canvas prints outdoors or outside.

In fact, it’s a great idea to do so.

If you want to hang out canvas prints outside, you need to consider a few things beforehand.

Firstly, you need a good quality canvas of the right material, since it will be exposed to harsh weather and dust.

For example, using a paper canvas is a bad idea, since it will get ruined when exposed to rain.

Moreover, the cloth of the canvas will get dull with time and hoard a lot of dust, so make sure to laminate it with a weatherproof material.

The type of paint used must also be kept in mind, as not all paints are weatherproof.

Acrylic paints for example, are a good option for outdoor artworks. You don’t want your beloved canvases’ paint getting peeled off or washed away soon after hanging them.

You can avoid all that by doing a little research on weather-friendly options before hanging your canvas prints outside.


Don’t hang canvas prints where it will be exposed to direct sunlight coming through a window; OR, under bright Fluorescent lights.

If it will be – put it under a high quality UV absorbing glass, and if possible cover when the sunshine is directly on it.

Don’t display your canvas in an environment with high ozone levels, smoking rooms, or in an area with high aerosols usage.

If it will be – put it under a quality glass, and paper seal the back of the frame. And in all cases try to keep the humidity levels in the 40–50% levels.


Do You Need To Use A Glass Cover Over Canvas Prints?


Generally speaking, Canvas Prints don’t need to be put under glass.

Glassing is generally used to protect an image from its environment to prolong its life.

No need to put canvas prints in Nigeria under glass. And if displayed correctly it will look just as good in 100 years as when new.

So, do you need to put your canvas print under glass?



Where Can I Order Canvas Prints in Nigeria?



It is best recommended you order canvas prints in Nigeria from trusted brands for picture frames and Canvas Prints business in Nigeria.

Only one Home Improvement Brand in Nigeria stands out, known as StockFrames.

We deliver fast and our canvas prints and picture frames products are of the highest quality


How Can You Clean Canvas Prints in Nigeria


The method depends on the ink used for printing and the type of stain.

For example; if you have a fruit juice spot, wash your canvas with running water.

Most often, this way is sufficient.

Do not rub, as the ink can lose brightness.

…If you want to clear the canvas from dust, use a vacuum cleaner or simply put a wet rag on a canvas print for 60 seconds.

Checkout this article on detailed guide on how to Keep Your Canvas Prints Clean…


Canvas Prints VS Acrylic Prints, What’s the difference?


  1. The Process:

Canvas Prints in Nigeria are made by printing an image directly onto a canvas, which is then stretched or wrapped around a frame – either wrapping the image around the stretchers or using a white or colored border.

Canvas Gallery Wraps can be made to bespoke sizes – meaning that, large or small, the end result will be a truly individual print.

Canvas prints can be protected by a UV laminate before they’re wrapped around the wooden frame.

Acrylic photo printing in Nigeria involves printing onto photographic paper and sandwiching between two sheets of 5mm acrylic.

The back sheet of acrylic can be black, white or transparent, depending on which best suits the style of the image.

  1. The Appearance:

In terms of showcasing your final product, it’s necessary to think about the aesthetic you’re aiming for.

To achieve a sleek and modern look, acrylic printing provides vibrant and sharp images.

While it’s still not as widely used as canvas printing, acrylic photo printing continues to grow in popularity – and is particularly important for professionals who place a great deal of value in presentation.

Canvas printing in Nigeria however produces a textured finish to provide prints with a more old-school and authentic look.

Canvases are the more popular pick in interior design and home decor in Nigeria, offering an easy and reasonably priced way to display prints.

Acrylics, on the other hand, are often used in a more commercial environment – chiefly in office spaces and reception areas.


How to Hang Arts on Canvas Print in Nigeria?


There are several ways to hang canvas Prints in Nigeria.

Watch videos below for visual direction…




Do you prefer reading detailed articles? See how to hang Canvas Prints and Picture Frames.

Are Canvas Prints a Great Gift Item idea in Nigeria?


Yes absolutely, StockFrames have so many Canvas Prints Designs which are all amazing to be used as a gift item in Nigeria.

Canvas prints are excellent gift item idea for mother’s day, father’s day, birthdays, wedding, wedding anniversary, etc.

Can You Make Money with Canvas Prints in Nigeria?



You need to get your artwork out there to be seen and where people have the opportunity to purchase.

Simply frame them and sell them at Jumia, Konga, Ubuy, StockFrames, Amazon, Etsy, Shopify, etc.

Right now, your job as an artist is to get exposure and begin developing your online brand.

You can as well Get a Website for Your Business.

You also could start contacting people who buy and sell art for clients (i.e. Art brokers, dealers etc) networking is as important as selling in these days.

Where Can I Buy to Resell Canvas Prints in Nigeria


Simply, contact a canvas print business in Nigeria that sells canvas print frames in wholesale quantities.

StockFrames is a perfect place to buy canvas Prints in Nigeria and resell to earn lots of commissions.


Best Canvas Wall Art Brand in Nigeria 2020 and Beyond.





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