Picture Framing in Nigeria (10 Scintillating Questions with Answers)

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Looking for a best brand known for designing Picture Framing in Nigeria?

This article will unleash vital points about picture framing and picture frames in Nigeria, and also you will get to find out where to buy Photo Frames in Nigeria with ease.

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What are Picture Frames? 

Picture Frames in Nigeria


A picture frame is a decorative edging for a picture, such as a painting or photograph, projected to enhance it thereby making it easier to present or protect it.


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Why Your Photos Need Picture Framing in Nigeria?


Picture frames are great for your walls and also for your photos.


Framed photos can refer good message to your visitors and aids in keeping great memories.


Pictures frames are affordable, with several designs and sizes posed to give your photos more integrity.


Picture Framing in Nigeria – What’s best for Wedding Photos?

Canvas Prints in nigeria


As an alternative to real frames, you can use softwares to create some framing or border ideas and then print them.


You could also complement these software ideas with a real frame.


Here are some points for framing wedding photos…


The most appropriate colors for wedding photo frames are gold, silver, white and beige.

Picture Frames in Nigeria

Don’t overload a wedding frame with flowers, hearts and doves, for the reason that the photo has to look stylish and not have anything distract from the main focus – the bride and groom.



Wedding photos use the same framing rules as any other images, so they definitely need a mat to confer more space and volume to the pictures.


The main point in framing a wedding photograph is to find your own style.


It is important to make it recognizable, eye-catching, unforgettable and associated with you.




Small or Large Photo Frames in Nigeria, Which is Better?


Picture Frames in Nigeria


First, if you’d like to have larger format photos like Landscapes, Family Portraits, or Poster images to hang on the wall, then a large Digital Photo Frame is a pretty clear winner in that case.


Small photo frames are chiefly great since you can cycle between images and keep your walls from going stale with the same images year after year.


If you want to just put them on a shelf or table, any photo frame larger than a 14 inches display might be a bit of an inconvenience.



You’re also more likely to find smaller frames that can be powered by Battery if portable use matters to you.


In EITHER case though;

You should consider the viewing angle and type of display you have.


I’ve seen people mention that resolution is everything, but while it is essential, that’s not entirely true.



High Resolution images meanwhile, will help a photo look sharp at large sizes;- but a 1280×720 screen at 10 inches and below will hardly look any different from a 4K image at that size, especially if this picture frame is meant as a gift purpose.


What Are The Standard Photo Frame Sizes in Nigeria? 

Picture Frames in Nigeria


Ready-made or standard picture frames sizes in Nigeria are; – 8X10″, 10×12”, 11X14″, 16X20″, 18X24″ 24X30″, 30X36″ etc.

Though you can order a customized picture frames size just as you wish.



Are There Any Battery Operated Digital Picture Framing in Nigeria?


The brand PHILIPS has rechargeable digital photo frames that last about 6–8 hours.


But the most of digital photo frames are meant to be AC-powered the majority of time.

So, I do not think there are many with long hour’s rechargeable battery.




Are Picture Framing and Photo Enlargement A Perfect Gift Item Idea?


Yes absolutely!

StockFrames have so many PICTURE FRAME DESIGNS which are all amazing to be used as a gift item in Nigeria.


Picture frames are excellent gift item idea for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Birthdays, Wedding, Wedding Anniversary, etc.



Where to Get Quality Picture Framing in Nigeria, Nigeria? 


The best place you can buy or purchase high quality Picture Frames OR Frame your Pictures in Lagos – both as a Photographer, Artist or a Reseller is at StockFrames.


Stockframes have many Picture Frames and Canvas Prints designs for homes, offices, schools and delivers to all States in Nigeria, such as Lagos, Abuja, Benin, Delta, Calabar, Owerri etc.


Where to Get Great Photo Enlargement in Nigeria?


The best place to enlarge your photos in Nigeria professionally is at StockFrames.

picture frames nigeria



Delivery, Waybilling or Shipping of Picture Framing in Nigeria? 


Picture frames can easily be moved from one state to another in Nigeria successfully.


The services of Logistics companies are frequently used by top picture frames brands in Nigeria to distribute picture frames to their customers.


Delivery can take up to 3 – 5 days.










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