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Are you looking for low capital yet profitable small business ideas in Nigeria? 

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Nigeria is a land of opportunities, and if you’re looking to start your own business, there are plenty of options to choose from.


In 2023 and beyond, Nigeria is expected to see an increase in the number of new businesses, and with the right idea, you can be part of this growth. 

One of the best things about starting these business ideas in Nigeria is that you don’t need a huge capital to get started. 

In this post, we unveiled unique businesses in Nigeria that require low capital but have the potential to yield high returns.


If you’re based in Lagos, don’t worry… 

There are plenty of business ideas in Lagos, likewise in other cities in Nigeria that you can explore. 

From offline business opportunities to online business ideas, you’ll find something that’ll complement your passion. 


But if you’re looking for rare business ideas in Nigeria, you might want to consider exploring niches that are yet to be fully explored. 

You can turn your passion into a profitable business venture with some creativity.

In this article, you’ll get answers to a lot of questions, such as…

  • Business Ideas in Nigeria for students

  • Business Ideas in Nigeria for graduates

  • Business Ideas in Nigeria for Ladies,

  • Business idea to start with 30k in Nigeria

  • Low capital business ideas in Nigeria with high interest, etc. 

So whether you’re a student looking to earn some extra cash… a lady looking for business ideas that suit your interests… or a young graduate looking to start your entrepreneurial journey,…

There are plenty of business opportunities in Nigeria today.

Are you ready to get started? 

Let’s dive in!



Business Ideas in Nigeria

Offline business ideas in Nigeria refer to business opportunities that are conducted outside of the online space or virtual environment. 

These types of businesses require physical presence and interaction with customers in a tangible location or through face-to-face communication.


Offline business ideas in Nigeria can be a lucrative venture, as there are still many people who prefer to shop and conduct business in person rather than online.

Additionally, the personal touch and individualized attention that offline businesses provide can create a loyal customer base and build a strong brand reputation.


You can check out the best business promoter in Port Harcourt, Nigeria… Hence let’s look into low-capital offline business opportunities in Nigeria that attract a high return on investment


1. Mobile Car Wash Business in Nigeria 

Starting a mobile car wash business is a rare business idea in Nigeria that can be highly profitable. 

With the increase in the number of cars on Nigerian roads, the demand for car washing services is also increasing.

Moreover, many car owners in Nigeria have busy schedules and may not have the time to take their cars to a physical car wash location. 

As such, a mobile car wash business provides a convenient solution for such individuals.


One advantage of a mobile car wash business is the low start-up cost compared to setting up the physical car wash location.

As a youth entrepreneur in Nigeria, this makes it an attractive business idea, as it requires minimal capital investment to get started. 

You will need to invest in basic equipment such as a pressure washer, cleaning detergents, brush and other car cleaning materials. 

And for transportation, you can rely on Uber services for a start. 


Another advantage of a mobile car wash business is the flexibility it offers. 

You can schedule appointments with clients at their preferred time and location, whether it’s at their homes, offices, or any other location they desire. 

This flexibility can help you attract and retain more customers, as it offers them convenience and saves them time.


To grow your mobile car wash business in Nigeria, you can use social media platforms to market your services. 

By creating a business page and posting before-and-after pictures of cars you have washed, you can attract potential customers. 

Also, you can offer discounts and promotions to your first-time customers to encourage them to use your services regularly.


Watch the video below to see how he started 


2. Picture Framing Business in Nigeria

Interior Decoration In Nigeria

Picture framing is a profitable business idea in Nigeria that requires low capital and can be started by students or anyone with a passion for art and design. 

Picture framing involves creating custom frames for artwork, photographs, and other decorative items. 

It is a niche business that has high demand in Nigeria, as people look for ways to beautify their homes and offices with personalized frames.


Starting to produce picture frames in Nigeria is an excellent opportunity to turn a passion into a profitable venture. 

With a capital of as little as 30,000 naira, you can start a small-scale picture-framing business. 

The key to success in this business is to have a good eye for design, a creative mind, and excellent customer service skills.


How to Start a Picture framing business in Nigeria

To start a picture-framing business in Nigeria, you need to have the following:

Training and skills: You need to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to frame pictures. 

You can learn through apprenticeships and online courses from trusted vendors. 

Equipment: You need to invest in essential equipments like a mat cutter, frame cutter, empty frames, and other framing supplies. 

You can purchase these from local suppliers or online stores.


Workspace: You need a dedicated workspace to set up your framing business. 

You can rent a small shop or use a spare room in your house.


Customer service skills: You need to be friendly and attentive to your customers’ needs. 

Your customers should feel comfortable working with you and trust your expertise.


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3. Data Reselling Business in Nigeria 

Data reselling is a profitable business idea in Nigeria that involves buying data from telecommunication companies and reselling it to end-users at a profit. 

In Nigeria, the demand for data is high, and many people cannot afford the high cost of data plans provided by telecommunication companies. 

This creates a gap in the market, and data resellers can capitalize on this opportunity to provide affordable data to their customers.


How to Start a Data Reselling business in Nigeria

Data reselling in Nigeria

To start a data reselling business in Nigeria, you need to have a smartphone,

internet access, and capital to purchase data bundles from telecommunication companies. 

You can purchase data bundles at a discounted price from telecommunication companies and resell them to your customers at a profit.


One great advantage of data reselling as a business idea in Nigeria is that it requires low startup capital, and you can start earning a profit almost immediately.

With the increasing use of smartphones in Nigeria, the demand for data is on the rise, and this presents a huge opportunity for data resellers to make a profit. 

Data reselling is also a flexible business idea that can be done from anywhere, making it an ideal option for individuals who want to work from home or run a side business


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4. POS Business / E-Payment Business in Nigeria

Point of Sales (POS) or e-payment is a profitable business idea in Nigeria, especially recently where cashless transactions have become the norm in Nigeria. 

With the increasing demand for electronic payment systems in the country, starting a POS or e-payment business can be a lucrative venture that pays daily.


One of the advantages of this business idea is that it requires minimal startup capital compared to other businesses in Nigeria. 


How to Start a POS or E-payment Business in Nigeria 

To start a POS or e-payment business, you might need a small shop, kiosk, or an umbrella, like some people use. 

You will also need a reliable source of power for your POS machine, an internet connection, and a smartphone with a mobile banking app. 

The cost of acquiring a POS machine can vary depending on the brand and features, but it can range from N20,000 to N50,000.


To make your POS or e-payment business successful, you need to develop a strong customer base by providing excellent customer service and offering competitive rates. 

You can also partner with banks and other financial institutions to increase your revenue stream. 

With the right marketing strategies and a good business plan, your POS or e-payment business can become a profitable venture that pays daily.


5. Small Chops Business in Nigeria 

Business Ideas in Nigeria

Small chops is a popular snack in Nigeria that consists of a variety of bite-sized finger foods, usually served as appetizers at parties, weddings, and other events.

Small chops can include items such as samosas, spring rolls, meat pies, puff puffs, chicken wings, mini pizzas, and a range of other small bites. 

Small chops are not only tasty, but they are also a profitable business idea in Nigeria.


Nigeria is a country with a growing population and a rising middle class, which means there is a high demand for snacks and finger foods.

Starting a small chops business is a great opportunity to tap into this market and create a profitable venture. 

With the proper marketing and business strategies, a small chops business can be a successful and sustainable enterprise.


How to Start a Small Chops Business in Nigeria

To start a small chops business in Nigeria, you need to first conduct market research to identify your target audience and competition.

This research will help you understand what types of small chops are in demand in your area and what price points will be competitive.


To stand out from the competition, you can also offer unique flavors and packaging options for your small chops.

You can also partner with event planners and caterers to provide small chops for their events, which can increase your exposure and bring in more business.


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The phrase “profitable online business ideas in Nigeria” refers to potential business opportunities that can generate income through the use of the internet in Nigeria. 

With the rapid growth of technology and the internet in recent years, a lot of Nigerians are embracing the idea of doing business online. 

This has created a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs to start and grow online businesses that are not only profitable but also sustainable


Below is a list of the top profitable low-capital home-based online business ideas in Nigeria. 


6. Digital Arts and Paintings Business

Digital arts as a business idea in Nigeria has been gaining high interest in recent years. 

With the increasing use of technology and the internet, there has been a surge in demand for digital art and paintings, making it a lucrative business opportunity for graduates and entrepreneurs.


One of the advantages of digital art as a business idea in Nigeria is the potential to make money in dollars.

This is because the internet has made it easier for Nigerian digital artists to sell their work to a global market. 

With the use of social media, websites like Etsy, Redbubble, etc…

Nigerian digital artists can showcase and sell their work to a wider audience, increasing their earning potential.


How to Become a Digital Artist in Nigeria 

Digital artworks in nigeria

To start a digital art and painting business, you need a good smartphone and great information on digital art creation. 

You’ll have an advantage if you have a computer, digital painting software and tools, a graphic tablet, and other necessary tools. 

These tools will enable you to create digital artworks that are of high quality and appeal to potential buyers. 

Additionally, having a good understanding of digital art techniques and practices is crucial to creating visually appealing artwork that will attract potential clients.


Furthermore, networking and collaboration with other artists and industry professionals can help you gain more exposure and potentially lead to more business opportunities.

Attending art exhibitions, participating in online art communities, and showcasing your work in art galleries in Nigeria can help you build a strong brand and reputation in the digital art and painting industry.

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7. SEO Content Writing Business 

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in demand for SEO content writing services globally, and Nigeria is not left out. 

SEO content writing is an integral part of digital marketing and can be a lucrative home based business in Nigeria.

With the advent of the internet, businesses are continually seeking ways to improve their online presence and rank higher on search engines. 

SEO content writing involves creating web content that is optimized for search engines, ensuring that the content ranks high in search engine results pages (SERPs) and drives traffic to a website.


For students in Nigeria or anyone seeking a profitable business idea, SEO content writing presents an excellent opportunity to earn a decent income. 

As long as you have a good grasp of the English language and are familiar with SEO techniques… You can start an SEO content writing business from home with minimal investment.


How to Start an SEO Content writing Business in Nigeria

Low Capital Businesses in Nigeria

To start an SEO content writing business, you just need a smartphone, an internet connection, and maybe a web page or social media page to showcase your services. 

It is essential to have a strong portfolio of past writing work to demonstrate your skills to potential clients. 

You can also leverage online marketplaces like Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer to find clients and build a reputation.


One of the essential skills of SEO content writers in Nigeria is keyword research.

You need to be able to identify the keywords or phrases that your target audience is likely to use when searching for content related to your client’s business. 

You should also be able to write engaging and informative content that incorporates the identified keywords and provides value to the reader.


As a business idea in Nigeria, SEO content writing is highly scalable, and you can work with multiple clients simultaneously, depending on your workload capacity. 

Additionally, you can offer complementary services such as copywriting, blog writing, and social media management to your clients, further increasing your earning potential.


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8. Website Design Business in Nigeria

Website design is a high-income business idea in Nigeria that has become increasingly popular in recent years. 

With the growing demand for online presence and e-commerce, the need for well-designed websites has also increased. 

As a result, website design has become a lucrative business opportunity for entrepreneurs and graduates looking for profitable business ideas in Nigeria.


One of the main advantages of website design as a business idea is the potential to earn in dollars in Nigeria

This is because most clients seeking website designers in Nigeria are often international businesses or individuals who require professional and high-quality website designs. 

As a result, website designers can charge their clients in dollars, making it a lucrative business opportunity that can help earn foreign exchange for the country.


How to Start a Website Design Business in Nigeria

To start a website design business in Nigeria, the most important requirement is a strong understanding of website design and development. 

This can be achieved by learning website design skills through various online courses or by attending a formal training program. 

It’s also important to have the necessary tools and software for website design, including a computer, design software, and a reliable internet connection.


Another critical aspect of starting a website design business in Nigeria is building a strong portfolio. 

Creating an impressive portfolio that showcases your skills and abilities is vital for attracting clients and demonstrating your expertise in the field. 

Networking and reaching out to potential clients through social media and other online platforms can also help grow your business in Nigeria.


Seriously, creating a strong online presence is crucial for a successful website design business in Nigeria. 

This includes having your own professional website and social media profiles that showcase your work, as well as actively engaging with potential clients and customers.

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9. Lead Generation for Business Owners

Generating leads for business owners is a fast-paying business idea in Nigeria that involves helping businesses to generate quality leads and attract customers. 

In today’s highly competitive business environment, businesses are constantly seeking new ways to acquire customers and increase their revenue. 

This has created a huge demand for lead-generation services

And as a result,… 

it has become a profitable business idea for entrepreneurs in Nigeria.


How to Start a Lead Generation Business in Nigeria

Business Ideas in Nigeria

To start a lead generation business in Nigeria, you will need a deep understanding of sales, communication, and digital marketing skills in Nigeria.

Your primary goal will be to run Facebook, Instagram, and Google ads to generate leads for businesses and help them reach their target audience. 

You will need to have a solid understanding of how these platforms work and how to create effective ad campaigns that resonate with the target audience.


One of the key benefits of running a lead generation business in Nigeria is that it is a high-paying business idea. 

Many businesses are willing to pay upfront for quality leads, which means that you can start generating revenue almost immediately. 

However, to be successful in this business, you must ensure that the leads you generate are of high quality and relevant to the businesses you are working with. 


10. Information Marketing In Nigeria

Information marketing is a business idea that has gained widespread acceptance in Nigeria in recent years. 

It is a type of business that involves the sale of digital products like ebooks, video courses, webinars, and other forms of content. 

As a passive income business idea in Nigeria, information marketing offers an opportunity for entrepreneurs to earn money while they sleep.


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Information marketing has become increasingly popular in Nigeria because of the high demand for information products.

Nigerians are constantly searching for information on various topics, including health, education, business, and technology. 

Therefore, the business ideas in Nigeria for youths who want to start an information marketing business are enormous.


Starting an Information Marketing Business in Nigeria

One of the most popular ways to start an information marketing business in Nigeria is to sell video courses. 

This involves creating video content on a particular topic and selling access to the video content to interested individuals.

Platforms like Udemy, Coursera, and Skillshare make it easy to create and sell video courses online.


Another way to start an information marketing business in Nigeria is to sell ebooks on Amazon. 

Amazon offers a self-publishing platform that allows authors to create and sell ebooks on various topics. 

This platform has made it easy for smart Nigerians to publish and sell their ebooks to a global audience.


To succeed in the information marketing business in Nigeria, you need to have a few key things. 

Firstly, you need to have expertise or knowledge on a particular topic that you want to create content on. 

Secondly, you need to have access to the necessary tools to create digital content, such as a microphone, a smartphone, or a computer for screen recording and video editing, etc.

Thirdly, you need to have a platform to sell your digital products, such as a website or a platform like Udemy or Amazon.


In conclusion, information marketing offers an opportunity to earn passive income while providing valuable information to Nigerians.


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11. CPA Affiliate Marketing Online 

CPA affiliate marketing is a type of online marketing where an affiliate earns a commission for every action taken by a customer who refers to a merchant’s website. 

CPA stands for “cost per action,” which means that affiliates earn a commission when a specific action is completed, such as filling out a form, subscribing to a newsletter, or making a purchase. 

This form of marketing is highly profitable in Nigeria because it allows affiliates to earn money without having to create or sell their own products.


CPA affiliate marketing can be a profitable business idea in Nigeria for several reasons. 

First, it is a low-cost business that requires minimal investment. 

All you need to get started is a smartphone, or computer and an internet connection. 

This makes it a great option for students in Nigeria who want to earn extra income while studying.


Secondly, CPA affiliate marketing is a flexible business that allows you to work from anywhere and at any time. 

This means that you can work from the comfort of your own home or even while traveling.

This flexibility allows you to manage your time effectively and balance your work with other commitments.


How to Start CPA Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria

To start a CPA affiliate marketing business in Nigeria, you will need to sign up for an affiliate network such as MaxBounty, PeerFly, or Clickbooth

These networks will provide you with access to a wide range of offers from different merchants. 

You will need to apply to be an affiliate and be approved before you can start promoting their offers.


Once you have been approved, you will need to select the offers that you want to promote and create a marketing plan. 

This could include creating a website, running social media ads, or sending email campaigns. 

You will need to drive traffic to the merchant’s website and encourage visitors to complete the required action in order to earn a commission.


12. Graphic Design Business idea in Nigeria 

Graphic design is a profitable business opportunity in Nigeria due to the increasing demand for quality design work in various industries such as advertising, branding, and digital marketing. 

As technology continues to advance, graphic design has become an essential tool for businesses to reach their target audience, 

This makes it a viable business opportunity for individuals and entrepreneurs.


One of the advantages of starting a graphic design business in Nigeria is the low startup cost. 

With a smartphone and a laptop, one can quickly start a graphic design business from anywhere, including at home. 

This makes it an ideal business idea for students and young people who are looking to make money while studying. 


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How to Start a Graphic Design Business in Nigeria

Graphic Designer in Nigeria

To become a great graphic designer in Nigeria, you need to have the necessary skills and equipment. 

Graphic design skills can be acquired through training programs, online courses, or apprenticeships with established graphic designers. 

The equipment needed includes a computer, and software such as Photoshop, Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, etc. 

As mentioned earlier, a smartphone can also be used to create designs on design sites like Canva


Another key factor in the success of a graphic design business in Nigeria is building a strong brand and reputation.

This can be achieved by creating a portfolio of high-quality designs, and establishing a professional online presence. 

As businesses and individuals in Nigeria begin to recognize the value of good graphic design, 

A graphic design business with a strong brand and reputation can attract a steady stream of clients.


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13. Vlogging Business in Nigeria 

Vlogging is the process of recording and sharing your daily activities, experiences, opinions, and ideas on video-sharing platforms like YouTube.

Vlogging has emerged as one of the most profitable business ideas in Nigeria, offering opportunities to make money online in Nigeria without investments.


The internet and social media have created an unprecedented avenue for individuals to showcase their talents, skills, and knowledge to a global audience.

This offers an enormous opportunity for vloggers to grow and monetize their channels. 

Vlogging is a top example of a low-capital business in Nigeria that requires only a phone camera, an internet connection, a free video editing tool, and a creative mind.


How to Start a Vlogging Business in Nigeria

Business Ideas in Nigeria

To start vlogging, you need to identify your niche and create a unique style that resonates with your audience. 

There are many niches to choose from, including comedy, beauty, travel, food, lifestyle, and entertainment. 

Once you have identified your niche, you can start creating engaging content that will attract and retain your audience. 

You can use simple editing tools like capcut, inshot, or iMovie to edit your videos and add music, captions, and effects.


To make money from your vlogging channel, you need to build a substantial following and engagement on your channel. 

This can be achieved by creating quality content consistently, promoting your channel on social media, and collaborating with other vloggers. 

Once you have built a loyal fan base, you can monetize your channel through various means such as sponsored content, product reviews, affiliate marketing, and advertising revenue.


Vlogging can be a lucrative business idea in Nigeria, with top vloggers earning millions of naira monthly. 

Successful vloggers like Mark Angel, Dimma Umeh, and Toke Makinwa have proven that vlogging can be a viable career option in Nigeria.


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14. Mini Importation Business in Nigeria

Mini importation is a profitable business idea in Nigeria that involves importing small quantities of goods from foreign countries and selling them locally. 

It is a low capital business idea that is suitable for graduates and anyone looking to start a small-scale business. 

With the rise of e-commerce and the increasing demand for foreign products in Nigeria, mini-importation has become a viable and profitable business opportunity.


How to Start a Mini Importation Business in Nigeria

To start a mini importation business in Nigeria, you need a few things. 

Firstly, you need to identify a profitable niche or product that you can import and sell locally. 

Some of the popular products that are in high demand in Nigeria include fashion items, beauty products, electronics, gadgets, etc.


Once you have identified your niche, you need to research reliable suppliers and manufacturers that can supply you with quality products at a reasonable price. 

You can find suppliers on online marketplaces like Alibaba, AliExpress, and 1688 China

You should also read reviews and ratings from other buyers to ensure that you are dealing with a trustworthy supplier.


Next, you need to decide on the shipping method and the logistics involved in getting the products to Nigeria. 

Some suppliers offer free shipping, while others charge a fee. 

You should also consider the time it takes for the products to arrive in Nigeria and the customs clearance process.


Once you have received your products, you can start marketing and selling them locally. 

You can set up an online store, use social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to advertise your products, or sell them at physical locations like markets and malls.


A great advantage of mini importation as a business idea in Nigeria is that you can start with a small capital. 

You do not need a physical store, and you can run the business from the comfort of your home. 

This makes it an ideal business idea for graduates and anyone looking to start a business with limited funds 



Home Based Businesses in Nigeria

Below are the 10 best business ideas for ladies

  • Catering services: Starting a catering business is a great idea for ladies who love cooking and have culinary skills.
  • Event planning: Ladies with organizational skills can start an event planning business, which involves planning and executing events like weddings, corporate events, and birthday parties.
  • Fashion design: Ladies with a passion for fashion can start their own fashion design business, designing and selling clothing items.
  • Makeup artistry: Makeup artistry is a profitable business in Nigeria. Ladies can learn how to apply makeup professionally and offer services for bridal and other special occasions.
  • Hair salon: A hair salon business can be started by ladies who have a flair for hairstyling.
  • Online boutique: An online boutique business involves selling clothing and accessories online.
  • Home-based bakery: Ladies who love baking can start a home-based bakery business.
  • Virtual assistant: A virtual assistant business involves providing administrative support to clients from a remote location.
  • Social media management: Ladies with social media marketing skills can start a business providing social media management services to companies.
  • Beauty products sales: Ladies can start selling beauty products like makeup, skincare, and hair care products from home or through an online store


What Business Idea in Nigeria Can Make You Very Rich? 

There is no definitive answer to the question of which business can make you rich in Nigeria. 

Success in any business venture ultimately depends on various factors such as market demand, competition, management, and timing. 

However, some industries have been historically lucrative in Nigeria and could offer opportunities for wealth creation.

For instance, the oil and gas sector has been a significant contributor to the Nigerian economy, with abundant reserves of crude oil and natural gas. 

Also, agriculture, real estate, telecommunications, and e-commerce have all experienced growth in recent years and could be profitable ventures to explore.

However, it’s important to note that starting and running a successful business in Nigeria requires careful planning, sound financial management, and a willingness to adapt to a dynamic and often challenging business environment. 

It’s crucial to conduct thorough market research, develop a solid business plan, and seek the advice of experienced professionals to increase your chances of success.

Finally, becoming rich in Nigeria through business requires a combination of hard work, innovation, and a bit of luck. 

By identifying viable opportunities, staying committed to your goals, and continually learning and growing, you may be able to achieve financial success in your chosen field.


Profitable Business Ideas in Nigeria 2023 – CONCLUSION 

Nigeria is a country that offers a plethora of opportunities for entrepreneurs.

The business ideas in Nigeria as explained in this post are just a few of the many possibilities that can help you make a profitable venture with a low capital investment.


If you’re interested in business ideas in Nigeria that pay daily, then you might want to consider starting a retail store, an online shop, or a mobile recharge card business.

These ventures can be quite lucrative, and you can earn a steady income on a daily basis.


For those who are looking for high-interest business ideas in Nigeria; then you can consider starting a real estate business, a logistics company, or an e-commerce store. 

These businesses have the potential to generate high returns, but they require more capital and expertise to start and run.


Finally, if you’re looking to start a business in Nigeria with N100,000 or less, then you can choose from the above-mentioned low-capital business ideas. 


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