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1. CARICATURE ARTS IN NIGERIA (Prices per person)

2. SMUDGE ARTS IN NIGERIA (Prices per person)

3. CARTOON ARTS IN NIGERIA (Prices per person)

4. COLORADO ARTS IN NIGERIA (Prices per person)

5. VECTOR ARTS IN NIGERIA (Prices per person)

Note: *Prices are for 1 Person in an image; More than one person in an image attracts additional charges 

* Estimated delivery – 7 days minimum


How to turn photos into Digital Arts in Nigeria

  1. Visit Stockframes Digital Arts page
  2. Click on the “ORDER A DIGITAL ARTWORK NOW” button. 
  3. Send an image(s) inspiration for your digital artwork in Nigeria 
  4. Make full payment or deposit as agreed
  5. Allow our digital artist to Start and Complete the process
  6. Receive images and video evidence of completed job 
  7. Complete payment if you made a part payment earlier 
  8. We arrange logistics and deliver your portrait paintings to your city and anywhere you are in Nigeria as easy as ABC.



Digital Arts also known as computer-made arts refers to artworks made using software, computers, or other electronic devices. 

Anything produced or made on digital media, such as animations, photographs, illustrations, videos, digital paintings, etc can be classified as digital arts.

In the technologically-driven world we live in today, nearly everything is digital. 

We use computers to check our mail, smartphones to communicate, and social media to exchange photos and videos. 

Like everything else, artworks and paintings have also started going digital. 

Digital artworks in Nigeria might be a new concept for many of us, yet it is widely accepted and have reasons to embrace it. 


As with traditional art, making good quality digital art requires skill, talent, originality, knowledge, and effort. 

In order to be an accomplished artist, one must master his tools regardless of the medium. 



picture frames nigeria

Digital artworks and paintings have several advantages over hand-drawn Portrait Paintings in Nigeria.

IT IS FASTER: it takes a short time to start and complete Digital Artwork compared to the time it takes to complete traditional artworks. 

When painting an image traditionally, you will need all kinds of tools like paper, water, paint, paintbrushes, tissues, etc. 

All of the tools require time to prepare and maintain.

While It is simpler to paint digitally since you won’t have to worry about your water turning funky, or your paintbrush accidentally falling on your painting. 

Everything is already there and you only need to get comfortable 


LESS EXPENSIVE TO ACQUIRE: Unlike traditional paintings that require several materials and tools – digital artworks might require only a computer and free software. 

Though digital artists in Nigeria can invest in premium software for special effects, it is still less capital intensive. 

Photoshop, Lightroom, Coral Draw are a few among other digital software popularly used. 

Some applications on Playstore can do a good job for mobile phone entrepreneurs, nevertheless having a computer for digital artworks will do a greater job. 


NEEDS LESS WORKSPACE: Digital artworks don’t need the hiring of large workspaces or workshops… except for the purpose of hosting an exhibition or exhibition space. 

With just a computer device, a skilled Nigerian digital artist can work from anywhere – from home, a relaxing joint, etc. 


EASY CORRECTION OF MISTAKES: Digital art and software give the artist the wonderful ability to undo mistakes. 

Any time a mistake is made, the artist can step back from it right away with a push of a button. 

The command “Ctrl + Z” or the undo button helps the artist to ‘try again’ depending on the software being used. 

Hand-painted works and traditional arts cannot be wiped away in that manner… everything you put on paper, canvas, or wood will most likely stay there. 

There isn’t a lot of room for mistakes when working traditionally.


CAN BE USED FOR A PROJECT SEVERAL TIMES: Digital artworks can be duplicated with precision.

Once Digital art is done, it can be printed and sold by the owner to infinity. 

Platforms like Amazon, Etsy, etc. house digital artworks that have been sold thousand of times after a one-time work by creators.

Being a Digital artist is a great way to grow a Passive Income in Nigeria.

More advantages right here ..



The Cost of Digital Artworks in Nigeria depends on the experience and popularity of the digital artist, the type of artwork, and finally its formats. 

The formats that can affect the price of hiring a digital artist in Nigeria can include;

– Black and White Art: when the artwork is not colored

– Colored: when the artwork is colored 

– Highly detailed: these are colorful artworks that are crispy, quality, and have more details.

– Head Shot: These are the selfie-like type of digital art that displays from the head to the shoulder of the person.

– Half Body: the half body digital art displays the upper body; that is from the head down to the waist. 

– Full Body: As the name implies, full-body digital arts depict the person’s full body from “the head to the toe”.



It all depends on the type of digital artworks, the size and maybe the experience of the artist in Nigeria.

Check for prices above…



The price and cost of framing digital artworks in Nigeria depend on

  1. Size of the Frames: Larger frames always cost more than smaller frames.
  2. Type and Quality of the Picture

Frames: cost of the framing materials plays a role in the price of the photo frames.

At StockFrames, we don’t rely on fixed, popular, or standard picture frame sizes 

We cut and customize picture frames to any size you need, with measurements in centimeters, inches, and feet. 

So tell us the sizes you desire to have, We’ll cut the frames exactly to your requested sizes. 

Will you want us to frame your digital artworks, below is the price list of our picture framing services in Nigeria 

See the cost of picture framing in Nigeria 



picture frames nigeria

In case you don’t want an artwork digitally customized for you, 

You can choose from this image Collection of Artworks

Screenshot and send your preferred images to us, we will frame them just as you desire.

See Artwork Image Collection


Hopefully, you have seen what the cost of digital artwork in Nigeria is and how to obtain digital artwork in Nigeria.

If you found this information helpful, kindly share this on Facebook and ask any questions in the comment section below. 

We Appreciate Alot,


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COST of Digital Artworks in Nigeria

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