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Searching for the best Photo Editors in Nigeria?


You will see what Nigerian Photo Editors can do, photo editing softwares they use, and their highly rated photo edited images.


It is important to note that Nigeria Photo Editors can turn your photos and pictures to mind blowing arts, then finally; StockFrames will turn your edited photos and pictures to awesome and modern looking pictures frames.


StockFrames is Nigerian leading Picture framing and photo editing brand – as we EDIT YOUR PICTURES, Turn them to PICTURE FRAMES and DELIVER your ordered frames to your homes in every state in Nigeria.

Before we dive into our Nigerian photo services,, let’s discuss a lil-bit about who a Photo Editor is? His/her salary and services etc. – Incase you might find photo editing an awesome skill to acquire.

But if you only care to hire a Nigerian Photo Editor to work on your pictures and photos, feel free to scroll down further to the subtitle – StockFrames Photo Editing Services.



Who is a Photo Editor?

Photo Editors in Nigeria

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A Photo Editor – Simple definition

A Photo Editor also known as a Picture Editor is someone who has learnt how to use photo editing tools and softwares to oversee the editing and arrangement of images to perfection.

It is also important to note that Photo Editors have a special relationship with Photographers as both professionals understands copyright policies and works within a budget.


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What Software does Photo Editors in Nigeria Use?

Photo Editors in Nigeria

For someone to develop into a Successful Photo Editor in Nigeria or any part of the world; Photo Editing softwares are used to accomplish the best picture editing results.

Photo editing softwares are downloaded and installed in personal computers, such as Mac or Windows to perfect your desired photos.


There are lots of Photo editing softwares and tools, but the list below are the most recommended in terms of – File Loss Protection, Malware, Speed Optimization and Easy To Learn etc..

  1. Adobe Lightroom
  2. Adobe Photoshop
  3. Corel Paintshop Pro
  4. Canva
  5. PicMonkey
  6. Snappa
  7. GIMP
  8. and so on.


Photo editing software comes with lot of editing features. It requires few months to learn the basics of photo editing then extra months if not years to be an expert in photo editing in Nigeria and other parts of the world.



Photo Editors in Nigeria – The Role They Play

picture frames nigeria

Most times, Nigerian Photo Editors are mistaken to photographers. The fact is that Photo Editors rarely take pictures.

Instead Photo Editors hire the services of a photographer. When the images have been taken – the Photo Editor selects the right images, approves the best and edits them to perfection.

The Photo Editors are in charge of tasks – they negotiate fees, takes permission, arrange travels, book studio time and have full rights to the photos and images.


To become a professional Photo Editor in Nigeria, You don’t only need photo editing skills. You need to know a lot about photography as well.

So you see? To be a sound Photo Editor in Nigeria, You need to have well trained creative eye and a solid foundation in photography.


Nigerian Photo Editors Salary

A Photo Editor’s salary depends on his/her expertise and exposure in the photo editing field.

A Photo Editors in Nigeria can earn between N3000/hr – N12,000.

That means an Average professional Photo Editor in Nigeria earns about N7500/hour.



StockFrames Photo Editing Services

Here at StockFrames, we have creative Photo Editors that can do wonders to your photos.

We do a lot to your photos and images – such as: Corrections, Fixing Errors and making your Photos look better.

Check out our services below👇

– Skin Smoothing

– Skin toning

– Facial Make-up

– Picture background change

– Changing & Removing of Objects

– Color Changing

– Oil Skin Effect

– Dark Skin to Fair Complexion

– Picture Collage

– Picture Cutting and mixing

– Picture and Object Blending

– Cartoon Art

– Smudge Art

– Pencil Drawing

– Sharpening & Blurring Objects

– Low Quality Pix to High Quality

– Turning Pictures to Passport

– And lots more…



Photo Editing and Picture Framing in Nigeria

picture frames nigeria

After editing your pictures, we can also frame your pictures if you desire.

We build Picture Frames and Canvas Prints in Nigeria with the best framing materials you can ever find.

These are the frames we design and build.

Premium Order Frames

Canvas Prints Panels Frames

Poster Frames

Modern Frames

Collage Frames


Photo Editors in Nigeria (Portfolio)







With Love From StockFrames™ (2020) ❤️



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