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Looking for how Photography in Port Harcourt became a multi-billion dollar business, the best photography brands in Port Harcourt and how to start your own photography business in Port Harcourt.


Keep reading – you will find photography in Port Harcourt very interesting.



Photography in Port Harcourt (Branding and Startup)


In Nigeria, one of most famous booming businesses to start right now is Photography.


Photography is a creative and exciting profession and these has resulted to over 60+ well established photography brands (photography studios) in Port Harcourt, River State, Nigeria.


Do you have an already established photography brand or you started a photography business in Rivers State.


You need to take every important step needed to standout and maximize every opportunity you need to be making money with your photography business.


With that said…

Do you have a photography business in Port Harcourt, Read this article on how to skyrocket your photography brand in Nigeria.


– Are you here because you want to know more about the creative business of photography?

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Types of Photography in Port Harcourt

There are many types of photography business in Rivers State.


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The owners of these photography brands have mastered their crafts and have chosen the right photography niche based on their choice and comfort.

Types of Photography brands in Rivers State includes:


  1. Wedding Photography

Photography Brands Nigeria

Wedding photography business in Port Harcourt is a very profitable photography niche which involves taking of pre-wedding shoots for the couples, traditional engagements and the main wedding shoots.


Wedding photographers are open to trips to exciting places in Rivers State such as Pleasure Park, Tourist Beach, Museum etc – to take photo shoots.

Wedding photography business requires not only creativity – You need assertiveness, strength and agility to expect a well job done.

Wedding Photographers, Wedding planners and new couples loves to add these wedding products to their wedding plans.


  1. Portrait Photography

Photography Brands Nigeria

Portrait photography is one of the most popular type of photography business in Rivers State.


Portrait photography involves capturing a person’s face and shoulders while showcasing different facial expression, personality, profession and attitude.


Portrait photography is best used for Studio Artworks, Modern Picture Frames, Model Portfolio, Headshots etc. – You just have to be Creative to standout.



  1. Studio Photography

Photography Brands Nigeria

Most of photography brands in Port Harcourt have studios – which mean studio photography is the most popular photography business in Port Harcourt.



Studio photography is mostly done indoors with essential photography equipments such Backdrops, light stands, reflectors etc.


With professional business marketing; studio photography brands in Port Harcourt can attract prospects from every part of Rivers State not minding the distance.



  1. Event Photography

Photography Brands Nigeria

Due to Event Photographers move a lot, they’re considered to work opposite to studio photographers, but that’s not the case here in Port Harcourt.


Studio photographers are also open to event photography and that is perfectly alright.


Event photographers in Port Harcourt are invited in events such as Conferences, Funerals, Awards, Birthdays, Religious and Political Event and even in Weddings.


Event Photography requires more teamwork as this photography niche is somewhat broad.




The above photography niches are the most popular types of photography business in Rivers State.


Other Photography Brand Niches includes:

– Fashion Photography

– Landscape Photography

– Product Photography

– Aerial Photography

– Street Photography

– Black and white Photography




StockFrames Products for Photography Brands in Port Harcourt


Hiring a Photography Studio in Rivers State – What is the cost?


Average cost for hiring a professional photographer ranges from ₦150,000 – ₦500,000.


It is clear that Professional Event Photographers offer a wide range of services for various events.


There are many underlying factors which can influence the price of an event Photographer which includes: Type of event, location, number of days the services of the photographer is required and more – most event Photographers in Nigeria charge per day.


The price package for hiring the services of professional Photography brand in Rivers State is between ₦150,000 – ₦500,000, and the services include;

  • Photobook
  • Two wall frames
  • Soft copies
  • Two photographers
  • Pre-wedding pictures are often free.


Note: This is not a fixed price and price is subject to change if you want additional service.


Celebrity or popular photographers can cost as high as ₦2,000,000, to hire


So hiring a professional photographer depends on your budget.




Leading Photography Studios in Port Harcourt

These photography studios are based in Rivers State and few have branches in other states in Nigeria.


These photo brands made our list because they have mastered the art of Business Branding.

– They’re great in publicity, packaging, stayed focused and are making cool cash in photography business in Nigeria.



  1. OMAS WORLD OF GLAMOUR Port Harcourt

Photography in Port Harcourt

Omas photography is known to be Port Harcourt biggest photography studio in terms of office space and structural facility.


Omas World of Glamour is well furnished and equipped with an event Hall and a Pent House attached to their headquarters in Woji.

Photography in Port Harcourt

Searching for where Omas Photography is located?


Location: No 43 New Odili Road Extension, immediately after the New Bridge, Woji Port Harcourt with a branch along psychiatric road, Rumuigbo Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.



  1. REDKARPET STUDIO in Port Harcourt.

Photography in Port Harcourt

RedKarpet studio is well established photography business brand in Port Harcourt with high quality photo studio equipments.


RedKarpet focuses more on studio and event photography and known for their great studio quality images.


Searching for where RedKarpet Studio is located?


Location: No 59 Woji Road, GRA Phase II, Port Harcourt, River State, Nigeria.




  1. VISUAL PLUS STUDIOS in Port Harcourt

Photography in Port Harcourt

Visual Plus Studios is a great and widely established media firm in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.


Visual Plus Studios is giant media brand as they’re into studio photography, Wedding photography, Event Photography, Fashion Photography, Product Photography etc.


Visual Plus Photography have a well furnished event setup with an outdoor mini garden that serves as a photo set with effective systems put in place for client’s satisfaction and efficiency.

Photography in Port Harcourt


Searching for where Visual Plus Studios in is located?


Location: No 20B Okuru Road, off Peter Odili Road in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.




Best 10 Wedding Photography Brands in Port Harcourt.

Planning a wedding and in need of top-notch wedding photography brands in Port Harcourt to capture the magical moments?


Here is the list of the most recommended wedding photography brands in Rivers State according to our research and high ratings.


  • Gaff Multimedia
  • Omas Photography
  • Visual Plus Studios
  • LoveChild Media
  • Leon Photography
  • Heros Studios
  • Maxtron Studios
  • Fotoradiance Studios
  • Golden B Studios
  • Castle Studios.


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