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There are a whole lot of photography brands in Nigeria which makes photography in Nigeria very competitive.


Photography is a well known profession in Nigeria owned by individuals and partners etc.

To be very successful in the photography business in Nigeria, you need to consider Branding and Marketing as a major factor needed to succeed in this business.


Do you desire to have a photography brand in Nigeria?

OR you have a newly started photography brand in Nigeria,

OR in most cases – you can’t beat your competitors in the photography business niche right here in Nigeria.

In this guide, you will see the best and proven strategies on how to plan and build a successful photography brand in Nigeria.



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Photography Brands in Nigeria – Intro

Photography Brands in Nigeria

To own a great photography brand business in Nigeria;


FIRST; you need to learn the skills and techniques of photography, and if you can gain extra skills on PICTURE EDITING IN NIGERIA, you have an edge ahead of other photographers in Nigeria.

SECONDLY; you need to discover opportunities and strategies to make good use of your photography skills.

THIRDLY; just like every skill learnt, you need to “Take Action“. You need to combine your photography skills and take advantage of these photography make money opportunities you will find right here.

SideNote: You need to take branding and marketing of your photography brand very seriously – in other to standout, be an authority in the photography industry and confidently charge 3x of what you’re paid right now.


Do you want professional Branding and Marketing of your business? Here is the right place.


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Best Advice for New Photography Brands in Nigeria.

Photography Brands in Nigeria

Photography in Nigeria is a serious business and not just a hobby.


When starting out a photography brand in Nigeria or any part of the world; you need to find a Niche, Get Focused on that Particular Niche till you become an Authority in that niche.


Building a portfolio and publicizing it is very important. If you’re just starting out and you haven’t done much work – it’s OK to bring down your price, just to do more works and build your portfolio.

Also consider looking out for social media influencers and offer your photography services FOR FREE. In return – they show off your works – in other words, publicize your works.

*but that is if you’re just starting out, it is recommended but not highly recommended.

Be smart, do some works for free especially if you’ll be expecting something in return.


The Most important factor to succeed with your photography brand in Nigeria is what you do with your Creativity and Packaging.

– This is called BRANDING.

Business Branding can involve; Business Logos, Business Cards, Business Marketing Strategies, Business Website Design etc – Best Branding Agency in Nigeria.


Branding your photography business in Nigeria can skyrocket your journey to become a high demand photography brand in Nigeria.


Another important factor needed to grow a successful photography brand in Nigeria is “Working on yourself” and your team.

Photography is a very competitive business niche in Nigeria.

To easy get new clients and retain your existing customers; you have to be Friendly, Sociable and able to communicate well.



One overlooked strategy to Nail Hard into the Photography business in Nigeria IS NETWORKING.

Photography Brands in Nigeria

As a photography brand owner, Networking is your biggest tool.

This gives you an opportunity to publicize and meet with well-known figures and get paid about 10x of your normal charge, because – [Your pricing is very affordable to them].


… Probably, you might be wondering which Photography Niche you should get focused in. Not to worry, we have the best of them in this article.



Best & Popular Photography Niches for Photography Brands in Nigeria

  1. Portrait Photography:

Photography Brands in Nigeria

Most photography brands in Nigeria started out from the portrait type of photography.

Portrait photography is the most popular type of photography in Nigeria and it involves capturing a person’s face and shoulders while showcasing different facial expression, personality, profession and attitude.

Portrait photography is best used for Studio Artworks, Modern Picture Frames, Model Portfolio, Headshots etc. – You just have to be Creative to standout.


  1. Wedding Photography

Photography Brands in Nigeria

Wedding photography in Nigeria is a very profitable photography niche which involves taking of pre-wedding shoots for the couples, traditional engagements and the main wedding shoots.

Wedding photography requires not only creativity – You need assertiveness, strength and agility is important to expect a well job done.

Wedding photographers, Wedding planners and new couples loves to add these Wedding Products to their wedding plans.


  1. Studio Photography

Photography Brands in Nigeria

Studio photography in Nigeria is mostly done indoors with essential photography equipments such as: Backdrops, light stands, reflectors etc.

It mostly attracts prospects staying closed to the location of the photo studio.


  1. Event Photography:

Photography Brands in Nigeria

Event photography is an opposite of studio photography in Nigeria because they move around a lot.

Event photographers are invited in events such as Conferences, Funerals, Awards, Baby Naming, Birthdays, Religious and Political Event and even in weddings.

Event Photography requires more teams and workers as this photography niche is somewhat broad.


4. Fashion Photography:

Photography Brands in Nigeria

Fashion is a multi-billion dollar business. With new and daily release of stylish wears – fashion photographers are in high demand.

Fashion photography brands in Nigeria works with Models and Celebrities. They also work for Fashion Magazines and Clothing Brands etc.



Other Photography Brand Niches in Nigeria

– Landscape Photography

– Product Photography

– Aerial Photography

– Street Photography

– Black and white Photography

– Etc.



When you have chosen the right photography brand niche for your photography business in Nigeria;

Always stay focused and remember that great Packaging and Publicity is what you need to stand out and make good cash in photography business in Nigeria.


Below are hidden strategies on how photography brands and photographers around the world make real good money both online and offline.

“Make good use of these opportunities”.


How Smart Photography Brands in Nigeria Make More Money


Photography in Nigeria

Nigerian photography brands are missing out on alot on more ways to make money in photography business.


Stock photography simple involves taking shoots of interest stuffs – it could be “People, Places, Animals and Objects etc. Then uploading them to where they can be sold.

Lot of Photography Brands in Nigeria and Africa as a whole are reluctant to delve into this opportunity because they complain that images in high demand are westernized images.

You don’t have to see it that way.

photography in nigeria


There is a growing market for African Stock photographs and if you take action now you will earn passively from your photography business wherever you are.


Lot of African companies including African advertising firms prefers to use African stock photos for their advertising campaigns instead of using western stock images or hiring Product Photographers – “which will cost them a lot more”.

Each time I search on stock photography libraries for an image involving a black person in particular – Most times I see just 2 – 4 images, then a whole lot of western stock images – which is not what I want.

This means that there is a Virgin Opportunity in Stock Photography for Africans and Nigerian photography brands.

The interesting fact about stock photography is that one picture can be bought over and over again by different customers from every part of the world at anytime of the hour – PASSIVE INCOME.


All you need is to take Very Creative, High Quality And Well Composed Pictures, Edit them for best output then sell them on stock image websites like – Alamy, Shutterstock, Getty Images and in StockFrames Nigeria to mention a few.


Photography Brands in Nigeria

There will always be a high demand of photography skills right here in Nigeria.

With millions of Nigerians youths taking photos daily with their Smart phones. Lots of them are willing to take better pictures and also learn photography.

That’s where you Come In – Offer to teach photography.

You don’t have to be the best photographer in the world to offer photography tutorials in Nigeria.


Startup your photography tutorials by publicizing your portfolio and offer to teach people who are interested in learning it.

You can as well start a photography Blog or Vlog in Nigeria, turn your followers to students and earn from teaching your skill.

Offer to teach Face-To-Face and also Online – We’re in a digital world, so distance is no longer a barrier to teach or learn anything.

It’s that simple.



… You have seen how Photography brands in Nigeria can succeed and make more money both online and offline… Next … Top photography brands in Nigeria.


Before revealing our top 10 photography business brands in Nigeria, let’s discuss how we work hand-on-hand with Nigeria photography agencies.



How photography Brands in Nigeria Partner with StockFrames Interiors

STOCKFRAMES is a Certified Interior Décor Brand established in Nigeria for the designs of Superior Picture Frames just as you see in Foreign Magazines.

We Have Brilliant Frames for Events such as birthdays, wedding occasions etc.

We also design superior frames for Sitting Rooms, Bedrooms, Dining, Offices, Receptions, Churches and School etc.



StockFrames Products for Photography Brands in Nigeria


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Do you own or manage a photography brand in Nigeria? Contact us let’s do business.



Top 10 list of Photography Brands in Nigeria

  • Elite Studio (Lagos, Nigeria)
  • Studio 24 (Abuja, Nigeria)
  • Cognito Studio (Abuja, Nigeria)
  • Tonydoo Visuals (Lagos, Nigeria)
  • Four23 Photography (Lagos, Nigeria)
  • Omas Studio (Port Harcourt, Nigeria)
  • Gottay Photography (Abuja, Nigeria)
  • Purple Crib (Lagos, Nigeria)
  • Ice Imagery (Lagos, Nigeria)
  • Hero Studios (Port Harcourt, Nigeria)

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