A Lot of people have been searching for the best art galleries in Port Harcourt.

If you’re an art lover looking for some amazing Port Harcourt art galleries to visit,

You’re in luck! 

Port Harcourt is home to some art galleries and exhibitions in Nigeria, featuring work from some of the most talented artists in Rivers State. 

Before we go into the list of top art galleries in Port Harcourt, let’s talk a lil bit about the history of arts in Nigeria 



best art galleries in Nigeria


The history of art galleries in Nigeria can be traced back to the early 20th century, when the country was colonised by the British. 

At that time, art galleries were few and far between, and were primarily used as a way to showcase the works of European artists to a local audience.


However, in the post-colonial era, there has been a significant increase in the number and popularity of art galleries in the country. 

Today, there are many fine art galleries in Nigeria that showcase the works of both local and international artists. 

These galleries are known for their high-quality exhibitions and for providing a platform for Nigerian artists to showcase their work to a wider audience.


Some of the best art galleries in Nigeria include the Nike Art Gallery in Lagos, the Zaria Art Gallery in Abuja, the Art X Gallery etc. 

These galleries are known for their commitment to promoting and supporting the work of Nigerian artists, and for hosting some of the most prestigious art exhibitions in the country.


Overall, the art scene in Port Harcourt is growing gradually in recent years, and we will have more art exhibitions in Nigeria 



best art galleries in Nigeria


Buying wall arts is exciting and a great investment, but it can also be expensive, especially when it comes to original, physical artworks by well-known artists. 

In Port Harcourt, there may be several factors that contribute to the high cost of art. 

This includes the rarity of the piece, the reputation of the artist, and the demand for the artwork. 

In such cases, it may be financially infeasible for many people to purchase original artworks, especially if they are just starting to build their art collection.


One alternative to buying expensive wall art in Port Harcourt is to purchase digital art.


Digital art refers to arts that are created and displayed electronically, rather than on a physical medium like canvas or paper.

There are many advantages to buying digital arts, and this includes:

Lower cost: Digital art is generally more affordable than physical art, especially if it is created by emerging artists or is part of a larger collection.


More accessibility: Digital art can be purchased and downloaded online, which means that you can access it from anywhere in the world. 

You don’t have to worry about shipping or handling costs, or the risk of damaging the artwork during transport.


Easy to display: Digital art can be displayed on a variety of devices, including computers, tablets, and smartphones. 


Flexibility: Digital art can be edited and customised to suit your personal style and preferences. 

You can crop, resize, and alter the colours of the artwork to fit your interior decoration in Nigeria.


Purchasing digital artworks and having them printed and framed by a picture framing can be a cost-effective alternative to buying physical, expensive artworks in Port Harcourt.

Here are more reasons to this:

Digital artworks in nigeria

Convenience: Digital artworks can be purchased online, framed and delivered to your location, making the process of buying art much more convenient than travelling to galleries or art fairs to browse physical artworks.


Customization: Digital art can be easily customised to fit your specific size and framing preferences, unlike ready-made or already sized artworks. 

With our custom picture framing services at Stockframes Nigeria, we can frame the exact size and style that best suit your needs and budget.


Quality: Technology has come a long way in recent years, and high-quality digital prints can be nearly indistinguishable from physical artworks. 

At Stockframes, we use image enhancement softwares and state-of-the-art printing equipment to produce prints that are crisp, vibrant, and long-lasting.


Versatility: Digital art can be easily displayed on a variety of platforms, as many times as you can want it. 

Also a single digital art can be printed in numbers and framed many times within a few days, compared to months it can take an artist to produce an artwork a number of times


Overall, purchasing digital artworks and having them printed and framed by a company like Stockframes and Arts Nigeria can be a cost-effective and convenient way to access and display a wide range of artworks in your home or business environment. 

By taking advantage of the affordability, customization, and versatility of digital art, you can build a collection that truly reflects your personal style and budget.


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Portrait paintings in nigeria

Port Harcourt has a rich and diverse art scene, with a wide range of artistic traditions and styles.

Some of the most popular types of arts in Port Harcourt include:


Traditional crafts: Port Harcourt has a long history of traditional crafts, including weaving, pottery, and wood carving. 

These crafts are often passed down through generations and are an important part of Nigeria’s cultural heritage. 


Contemporary paintings: Port Harcourt has a thriving contemporary art scene, with many artists using painting as a medium to express their ideas and emotions. 


Sculptures: Sculpture is another popular art form in Port Harcourt, with many artists creating works in a variety of styles and materials. 


Photography: As an increasingly popular art form in Port Harcourt, with many photographers using their work to document and explore social and political issues. 

Photographers in port harcourt often draw inspiration from traditional African motifs and themes, as well as more modern subjects.


Music: Port Harcourt has a thriving music industry, with a wide range of genres including Afrobeat, fuji, highlife, and juju etc. 


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Port Harcourt, which is the capital of Rivers State and popularly known as the garden city have some renowned art galleries 


Delaroke Art Gallery, Port Harcourt 

Art gallery in Port Harcourt

The Delaroke Art Gallery is a contemporary art space operating in Port Harcourt and Johannesburg, poised to bring carefully selected, and original art pieces from artists in its domiciled locations. 

It is Located at 17b William Jumbo Close Old GRA, Port Harcourt


The National Gallery of Art, Port Harcourt:

The National Art gallery Port Harcourt is a public museum that is home to hundreds of prehistoric African artefacts.

Some of the cultural objects in this museum include sculpture, metalwork, painting, pottery, painting, rock art, and decoration. 

It is located in the secretariat complex of the Rivers State Government. 

This stately museum is a great place to conduct research on Nigerian culture. 

It serves as a tourism site for locals and foreigners.


Moriri Art Gallery, Port Harcourt

The Moriri Art Gallery is a dedicated structure purposely and strategically laid out in an eco-friendly space with the touch of a serene African mangrove setting.

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Art galleries in Port Harcourt

With a rich cultural history and a growing number of dedicated art galleries, Port Harcourt is quickly becoming a major player in Nigeria. 


Art exhibitions in Port Harcourt are also a key part of the country’s art scene, with numerous events held throughout the year.

A Lot of artists in Port Harcourt are also making a name for themselves on the national stage.

As the artistry in Port Harcourt continues to develop and grow, it is sure to play an increasingly important role in the global art world.



best art galleries in Nigeria

Starting your own art gallery in Port Harcourt can be an exciting and rewarding venture, but it requires careful planning and a good understanding of the local art scene. 

Here are some steps you can follow to get started:


Research the market: It’s important to have a good understanding of the local art scene before starting your own gallery.

Research the best art galleries in Nigeria and visit them to get a sense of what types of art are popular and what visitors expect.

You should also research the local market for art collectors and potential buyers.


Choose a location: The location of your gallery is important as it will determine the foot traffic and visibility of your business.

Consider choosing a location in a well-trafficked area with good foot traffic and plenty of parking.

Art galleries in Port Harcourt


Determine your focus: What type of art will you showcase in your gallery? 

Will you focus on a specific genre, such as contemporary art or traditional Nigerian art? 

Knowing your focus will help you attract the right artists and customers.


Build relationships with artists: To get started, you’ll need to build relationships with artists and curators. 

Attend art exhibitions in Port Harcourt, visit studios, and connect with artists on social media to start building a network. 

You can also work with local art schools and organisations to find emerging talent.


Create a business plan: A business plan will help you map out the financial and logistical aspects of your gallery. 

This should include a budget, marketing plan, and a list of the services you will offer, such as framing, installation, and art conservation.


Secure funding: Depending on the size and scope of your gallery, you may need to secure funding to cover startup costs. This could include loans, grants, or investment from friends and family.


Promote your gallery: Once your gallery is up and running, you’ll need to promote it to attract visitors and buyers. 

This could include advertising, social media marketing, hiring a web designer in Port Harcourt and hosting events and exhibitions.


If you’re interested in showcasing traditional Nigerian art, you might also consider partnering with an art museum in Port Harcourt or collaborating with local cultural organisations. 

By doing your research and building strong relationships with artists and the community, you can create a successful and rewarding art gallery in Port Harcourt. 



Digital artworks in nigeria

In summary, Port Harcourt is home to some of the best art galleries in Nigeria, featuring a wide range of artworks by local and international artists. 

These galleries offer a unique opportunity to explore the rich cultural heritage of the country and discover the talent of artists in Port Harcourt. 


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Additionally, our experts can help you choose the right frame for your art and provide guidance on how to properly care for it.


Overall, whether you are an art enthusiast or a collector, Port Harcourt has something to offer for everyone. 

From world-class art galleries to affordable picture frame options, there are endless opportunities to explore and appreciate the vibrant art scene in the country. 


So if you are planning a trip to Port Harcourt,or just looking to add some art to your home, be sure to visit some of the best art galleries in Port Harcourt and check out the affordable picture frames at StockFrames today.


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