BEST Canvas Prints Prices in Nigeria 2022

Were you really searching on Google for canvas prints prices in Nigeria?… 

You’re on the right track… 

This short article will give you quick information on what to expect when trying to print on canvas here in Nigeria.

It is also important to note that there really isn’t a clear-cut answer to this question… because there are so many factors that will increase or decrease the price of canvas prints in Nigeria. 

The canvas prints price in Nigeria is determined by the printing company itself, its location, the quality of the canvas, and other factors…

For the sake of this article, I will be focusing on the price of canvas prints in Port Harcourt, Nigeria which I understand will vary from the price of canvas prints in Lagos and in other cities in Nigeria. 

In the event that canvas print price is within your budget… CONTACT US to help you print your images on canvas and waybill them to your city if you’re outside Port Harcourt. 

The process is quite simple

… first, visit the price chart below for information regarding the sizes and prices of our canvas prints

… Arrange your image accordingly to the size you want 

CONTACT US to know if canvas prints are still available (it’s always in high demand, so it is possible it can be out of stock) 

… If available, you send us your images through our email and make payment for the canvas printing + delivery cost to your city using our logistic partners 

… Finally, you will receive your canvas prints in a few days… 


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The price of canvas prints in Nigeria is usually determined by the sizes and the quality of the canvas print. 

Canvas Prints Prices in Nigeria by Size

According to canvas printing companies in Port Harcourt, the edge of the canvas printing machines is about 4 feet wide. 

This implies that they can’t print below 4 feet (in width) 

This also implies that they can print canvas from 4 feet (in width) to any size you want (in length), for instance,> 4×1 ft, 4×5 ft, 4×20 ft, etc…

This also implies that either the width or length of your image must be below 4 feet. Eg. They can’t print 5×4.1 ft, 4.1×6 ft, 5×5 ft, etc. 

This also implies that if you send a canvas printing job below 4 feet (in width), they will charge you for the price of 4 feet… the remaining spaces will be left empty

So for the best practice to avoid wasting money, arrange your images according to the size printable by the canvas machine available. 


Canvas Prints Prices in Nigeria by Quality 

As a top Picture Framing brand in Nigeria, we partner with canvas printing companies in Port Harcourt

We have used several canvas prints and can compare their qualities 

We have the…

1. LIGHT GLOSS CANVAS PRINTS: This is a good quality canvas,, it is glossy (shiny) and very light in weight. 

The light canvas print is great for small-sized glass frames and small-sized canvas wraps.. 

It is not so good for large-sized frames and canvas wraps especially for long-term use. 

Light textures of the light canvas are susceptible to warping by the top edges due to moisture within a few years. 

Of course, it is less expensive, but when thinking of quality and large frame sizes,, look out for the Thick Canvas Prints. 


2. THICK CANVAS PRINTS: The thick canvas prints are simply the best quality of canvas you can use for your images, Digital artwork, Motivational Frames, etc.

Due to its top quality and thick feeling – canvas prints made of thick canvas are the perfect choice for large-sized frames and canvas wraps that need to last. 

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In Port Harcourt, we have three kinds of the thick canvas prints 

  • Thick Canvas Prints (NORMAL): This is the most popular type of canvas available and used by most wall art brands in Nigeria. 

The canvas prints are super great for printing all kinds of images for decorating your homes, offices, SCHOOLS, etc. 

  • Thick Canvas Prints (GLOSSY): This type of canvas print appears so adorable and premium because they are glossy (Shiny). 

It is also very expensive and scarce in the market… 

As a matter of fact, the thick glossy canvas is not available anywhere in Port Harcourt at the moment of this publication (2nd Feb. 2022)

  • Thick canvas prints (MATTE): Matte canvas prints are very unique in their own way. 

The matte canvas is not glossy at all, the texture is crafty and it is best used for printing pencil artworks. 

Canvas Prints Prices in Nigeria, Port Harcourt

Sizes (4″ max. in width)Thick GLOSS Canvas (Great ) (₦1200 per square ft).Thick NORMAL Canvas (Great ) (₦1200 per square ft).Light canvas (Good quality) ₦800 per square ft
Canvas 4×1 ft₦4800₦4800Not Available
Canvas 4×2 ft₦9600₦9600Not Available
Canvas 4×3 ft₦14,400₦14,400Not Available
Canvas 4×4 ft₦19,200₦19,200Not Available
Canvas 4×5 ft₦24,000₦24,000Not Available
Canvas 4×6 ft₦28,800₦28,800Not Available
Canvas 4×7 ft₦33,600₦33,600Not Available

The price calculations are simply done this way

Length x Width x Canvas price per sq ft.

Please note that “a feet” in measurement is 12 inches and also 31 centimeters, 

So if you send a canvas print job of 40×70 inches, the calculation will be …

4ft x 70/12 x canvas price per square ft. 

That is 4ft x 5.9ft x N850 or N700 (depending on the type of canvas printing you want) 

Remember, the price for the width must be in 4 ft, regardless of the width of the image you’re sending… 


It’s a myth that getting top-quality canvas prints in Nigeria will be expensive.

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Of course, I can admit that some printing companies do charge quite a bit too much for their canvas prints.

But, high-quality canvas prints prices in Nigeria don’t actually have to be that expensive… 

This price of printing canvas with Stockframes & Arts is very cheap compared to some printing companies, especially in other countries. 

Although canvas prints can be more expensive than other kinds of prints, that is because they will probably last longer. 

The texture of Canvas Prints is just amazing as it makes the reproduction of hand-painted art look even more artistic.

Canvas prints when stretched on wooden bars also weigh much less than framed prints… 

So they’re more suitable for luxury homes, hotels, offices, halls, etc. 

Furthermore, canvas prints are completely reflective, which means there is no glare/reflection bouncing off the artwork.

As a whole, however, if you love the artistic appeal of canvas prints, they are definitely worth it (if you can afford them).


Canvas prints of your favorite images are available at very low and affordable prices from StockFrames & Arts Nigeria. 

Though we’re only into picture framing and Artwork, we work with canvas printing companies we won’t like to reveal their identities yet… 

Other great places to look for canvas prints are iCANVAS, Society6, REDBUBBLE, and INKTUITIVE. 

picture frames nigeria

These companies are all known to be high-quality producers of canvas prints that do not look cheap at all.

iCanvas has free shipping in most parts of the United States, and Inktuitive has free shipping to most locations around the world!


I believe you’ve seen where to buy affordable and quality canvas prints in Nigeria.

If you found this information helpful, kindly share this on Facebook and ask any questions in the comment section below. 

We Appreciate Alot,


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