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It is expected you found this page when searching for Quality Royalty Frames in Nigeria.

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Or possibly the price of Royalty Frames in Nigeria 

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You also need to understand that Royal frames and Exotic frames are the same things as Royalty frames in Nigeria.

At Stockframes, we have amazing Royalty frame designs for homes, offices, sitting rooms and business premises, etc. 

You might ask why these types of picture frames are called Royalty Frames 

You guess right! 

They are mostly found in Royal homes, Palaces, Luxury residences because of the designs of the frames. 

Royalty frames are quite expensive compared to modern or slim frames… 

Royalty frames in Nigeria come in several designs, thickness, weight, and quality.

It is important to buy quality royal frames only from a top Picture Frames Company in Nigeria because there are several inferior qualities available in the market. 



We have two types of Royalty Frames in the market…

1. Regular Royalty Frames

Most people are familiar with this type of frame.

The frames come in various colors and designs, so it is likely that you already own at least one of these frames. 

Their price is very affordable, they are attractive, and they are not heavy, particularly when framed without glass… 

Just like the slim frames, this type of Royalty Frames can be cut to any size needed. 

Here are image samples of Regular frames you can buy from StockFrames 

2. Luxury Royalty Frames

The distinctive thing about these frames is that they’re reserved for framing pictures larger than 2 feet in width. 

Frames in this collection are exceptionally thick, wide, and heavy with luxurious details. 

These frames are typically custom-built and tailored for particular purposes… 

Additionally, they can be designed with lights, moving wheels, changing objects, changing lights, and motion effects. 

As one might expect, the Royalty frames are quite pricey, with prices ranging between 100k and 500k depending on the design, customization, and size. 

They are mostly found in Luxury homes of the rich and wealthy in Nigeria

Here are some image samples of Luxury Royalty frames you can buy from StockFrames 



StockFrames is the best place to buy quality Royalty Frames in Nigeria. 

You have seen images of some of our frames… CONTACT US, let’s discuss your favorite luxury frame design. 

From Port Harcourt, we build and send our frames to Lagos, Abuja, Delta, Benin, Owerri, Calabar, Enugu, Uyo, and all cities in Nigeria.



The cost of picture framing in Nigeria depends on:

  1. Size of the Royalty Frames: Larger frames always cost more than smaller frames.
  2. Type and Quality of the Royalty Frame: The cost of the framing materials plays a role in the price of the photo frames.

Here is the estimated cost of Regular Royalty Frames in Nigeria

(Sizes in Inches)
Art Paper
(with Glass)
Gloss or Matte Canvas
(Without Glass)
24×36″not necessary₦35000
30×45″not necessary₦55000
36×48″not recommended₦65000
36×60″not recommendedN80,000

NOTE: The above prices are for regular custom royalty frames, there are royalty frames that are very heavy, hence better in quality and expensive.

Contact us for actual prices.

So tell us the design and sizes of the Royalty frames you desire to have, and we’ll cut the frames exactly to your requested sizes.

Interested in Luxury Royalty frames?, if so, get in touch to discuss further…

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I believe you’ve seen where to buy Royalty frames in Nigeria.

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