Pillow Fund Review

I know you’re here to discover the secrets behind the trending topic “Pillow Fund”… well here is a full and comprehensive Pillow Fund Review 2023. 

It is true that Investing in dollars is becoming an increasingly popular choice for people who want to grow their wealth, protect their assets and maintain their purchasing power. 

The US dollar is widely regarded as the world’s leading reserve currency, and its use as a medium of exchange, store of value, and unit of account is widespread. 

As a result, many people see investing in dollars as a way to reduce currency risk and protect their portfolios from inflation.


Pillow Fund is shutting down operations.

Read more about Pillow fund to close down operations


below, as published earlier…

However, investing and making money in dollars can be complex and confusing, especially for those who are new to the world of finance. 

The key to success is to understand the different options available and to choose a reputable and reliable investment company to help you achieve your goals.


One such investment company is Pillow Funds, a dollar-denominated investment platform that offers a range of investment opportunities. 

Pillow Funds is committed to helping investors reach their financial goals, and its investment portfolios are designed to provide a balance of stability, growth, and income. 

Whether you are looking to grow your savings, protect your assets, or prepare for retirement, Pillow Funds has the experience and expertise to help you achieve your objectives.


In addition to its investment portfolios, Pillow Funds offers a range of educational resources, including articles, videos, and webinars, to help investors stay informed and up-to-date on market trends and investment strategies. 

This is an important factor for those who are new to investing, as it provides a supportive and empowering environment to help them achieve their goals.


Since nvesting in dollars is a smart choice for anyone who wants to grow their wealth, protect their assets, and maintain their purchasing power. 

In this content, you’ll get answers to questions like…

With Pillow Funds, you can access a range of investment opportunities and benefit from the company’s expertise and experience. 

Whether you are a seasoned investor or just starting out, Pillow Funds has the resources and support you need to achieve your financial goals.

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Pillow Fund Review 2023 – THE COMPANY

Pillow Fund company

A financial services company, Pillow Fund, has opened in Africa with the sole aim of helping Africans save and grow their wealth. 

With its presence in Africa’s largest economy, Nigeria, Pillow offers its users a range of products and services that can make them money by earning interest in dollars. 

At the same time, actively tackling the problem of Africans’ rising costs of living. 

Having helped over 100,000 users in more than 60 countries hedge against inflation and its rising pangs that are slowly crippling economies worldwide… 

In order for Nigerians to make full use of the opportunities that cryptocurrency presents, Pillow is committed to ensuring financial inclusion. 


Pillow encourages users to save in USD-backed cryptocurrencies from the comfort of a mobile app. 

For the savings made by users, they earn an interest rate of 14% per annum. 


It is nice to know that Pillow is one of the few apps that pay interest daily. 

In addition to USD-backed cryptocurrencies, users can invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other blue-chip cryptocurrencies. 

Users can also withdraw whenever they please as interest on crypto investments. 


Although the program has frequently been referred to as a “digital piggy bank,” Pillow has big intentions to improve Nigerians’ personal financial journeys.

Young, devoted, and ambitious Nigerians can take charge of their finances, accomplish their life goals, and work toward financial freedom as they aim to reward a culture of saving and financial discipline.


The Pillow Fund app has received plaudits for its simplicity and user-friendly interface, especially in Nigeria.

Even in these dire financial circumstances, some users have referred to it as a “lifeline.”

Additionally, Pillow has worked with a number of specialists and advisers in the Nigerian and wider African ecosystems that can aid in delivering important financial education.

The primary solution that Pillow Fund offers is to protect funds from inflation, according to KaganTech, one of the nation’s leading IT experts.

Even though I constantly tell people to conduct their own research, it is reassuring to know that there is a company out there that has your back.


The Pillow App also places a strong emphasis on security and openness.

Pillow takes extra precautions to make sure that consumers’ money is secure by utilizing the most advanced custody and security technology available.


In addition to security precautions, Pillow uses BitGo, which offers a $250Mn custody insurance to provide an additional degree of financial security.

Additionally, Pillow has obtained the support of some of the largest investors in the world, including Elevation Capital, founders of Polygon and Defi Pulse. 


All these make Pillow a great platform to build your wealth and stay off inflation, by starting a savings habit with as little as 1000 Naira. 

The Pillow Fund app can be downloaded for free for both iOS and Android devices users. 

Let’s see how the app works .. 



The Pillow Fund company owns the Pillow Fund app, a savings software that can be downloaded from the Apple Store and Playstore for Android users (for IOS Users)

With the help of the Pillow fund app, you and other investors can effectively save money in dollars while generating daily passive income.

When you deposit money in Naira as a Nigerian, the money is converted to dollars and you can get up to 14% a year in interest.

Kindly note that saving and investing with the Pillow fund app is not for Nigerians alone… 

When you visit pillow.fund from Nigeria, you will be automatically redirected to pillow.fund/ng

This is because the platform automatically detects the country of a visitor… to serve them better. 

You can use a VPN to change your location to discover what I mean 


For example, investors from Nigeria get a 1$ or N1000 welcome bonus by using Pillow Fund promo code “WNXMPA“… 

While investors from the United States can get up to a $10 welcome bonus by using Pillow Fund referral codeWNXMPA”

Pillow Fund app Review


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Pillow Fund Review

Investing in dollars can provide a number of benefits for individuals looking to save and grow their money. 

One of the primary benefits is protection against inflation. 

Inflation is the gradual increase in the cost of goods and services over time, which can erode the purchasing power of your money if it is not invested or saved in a way that keeps pace with inflation.

Investing in dollars, particularly in dollar-denominated assets such as US stocks and bonds, can help protect your savings against inflation and ensure that your money maintains its value over time.


Another benefit of investing in dollars is the opportunity to earn in dollars in Nigeria

By investing in dollar-denominated assets, you can potentially earn a return on your investment in the form of capital gains or dividends. 

This can be particularly beneficial for individuals living in countries with weaker currencies or high inflation, as it can provide a hedge against currency devaluation and help preserve your purchasing power.


Pillow Funds allows you to invest in a portfolio of US dollar-denominated assets and earn up to 14% interest annually. 

So if you want to optimize your savings and earn more than a traditional savings account.

Get started with Pillow Funds


It’s important to note that investing in any assets carries risk and it’s important to do your own research and consult with a financial advisor before making any investment decisions.


How To Register And Verify Your Pillow Fund Account 

Below are the simple and easy steps to register and do KYC on the Pillow app


Step 1: Click here to visit Pillow Fund Website 

Step 2: Download the app according to the device you use

Step 3: Register with your details and insert the promo code “WNXMPA” to Claim $1 Free welcome bonus.

Step 4: Next is to verify your identity to unlock all features

KYC is compulsory for all users to comply with Nigerian regulations

Step 5: Enter BVN Number (for Nigerians) 

You will have to enter your BVN Number in this first step

Step 6: Take a Selfie

Say cheers and take a quick selfie to complete verifying your identity


Ta-da! You are now KYC verified! 🥳

Next is to fund your account and get started saving in dollars automatically


You can watch the video below to see how it’s done… 


PILLOW FUND REVIEW – How to Fund Pillow Fund With Naira



PILLOW FUND REVIEW – How to Deposit Bitcoin on Pillow Fund


PILLOW FUND REVIEW – How to Deposit ETH on Pillow Fund


How to Withdraw from Pillow Fund


Important Tips on Investing With PILLOW FUND APP

Below are several factors you need to consider before you start your investment journey with Pillow Fund. 


Set Goals

The first step in beginning your investment journey as a Nigerian is setting financial goals.

You will have a clear grasp of what you hope to gain from your investment returns once you have established your goals.

You may give the significance of your goals by setting them.

Do you want to save $5 million by the age of 35? Or do you desire a home by age 45?

Setting goals enables you to assign a distinct viewpoint to the endeavors you must undertake.


Research and Due-Diligence

Once you are aware of your objectives, you may start researching your investment possibilities.

The Nigerian market offers a variety of options, including Mutual Funds, ETFs, Treasuries, Bonds, and even cryptocurrency!

You must diversify your investments and maintain a healthy ratio of risk to return.

Ensure your investments are hedged against inflation, with the gradual devaluation of the African local currencies.

That’s why you need to save in dollars in Nigeria

Your money will retain its value if you save in dollars, compared to saving in your local currency. 


Start Saving

When you become aware of your investing possibilities and decide what to do with them, you should start saving.

You don’t need to save the entirety of your monthly salary.

You should only set aside at least 10% of your money, though.

Then, diversify your portfolio by making investments in a range of assets.

To profit from the compounding, start investing early.


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Pillow Fund App Review – ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW 

Pillow Fund Review

Below are what you need to know before saving and investing with Pillow funds 

They are answers to frequently asked questions (F.A.Q) about how Legitimate Pillow funds are for investment


How does Pillow Fund Make Money?

Pillow makes money by investing user money in the top-tier DeFi protocols running on blockchain networks.

A specialized research team at Pillow actively examines more than 500 protocols in more than 10 chains to determine which ones are the safest to use as investments for users’ savings.

These protocols are used in a variety of business models, including borrowing and lending, single-sided staking, insurance, etc.

The majority of the yield from these investments is given back to the customers in the form of returns.


Is Pillow Fund Secured?

Our custody partner, BitGo, maintains a secure storage facility for all assets put into Pillow.

Additionally, a $250 million insurance policy that covers all deposits in custody safeguards user money at all times from any accidents.


Is Pillow Fund Insured?

The FDIC or any other source does not offer deposit insurance for Pillow.

But because Pillow collaborates with BitGo on custody, Pillow has up to $250 million in insurance coverage in case something goes wrong with the money that BitGo is holding.


The research and smart contract teams at Pillow actively pursue the lowest possible risk levels while assuring the highest possible user payouts.

Every protocol is actively being assessed for hazards by our research and smart contract teams, who also look for smart contract audits from reputable companies like Certik and rebalance portfolios for efficient risk management.

To maintain the security of the user’s funds, Pillow uses industry-leading DDoS protection, and Gnosis-safe multi-signature techniques, and adheres to best practices.


How do I deposit and withdraw from Pillow Fund?

Pillow gives you the choice to deposit with a bank account or a cryptocurrency transfer.

And you can easily withdraw to your favorite bank account or cryptocurrency wallet when the time comes. No worries!


What is Pillow’s goal?

Our long-term goal is to use the potential of cryptocurrencies to generate economic possibilities.

Users today must pass through a number of hoops and go through a complicated, unreliable process in order to invest in various asset classes.

Pillow can help in this situation.

Users only need to buy or transfer money into their Pillow account to begin earning rewards right away.

Pillow ensures a smooth investing journey on the front end while handling all the labor-intensive backend tasks.


Is Pillow a Nigerian company?

Pillow is a Singapore-based corporation with employees located all over the world, including a small group in Nigeria.

More information about our founders and our history can be found here.


Who are the Owners or Founders of Pillow Fund?

Pillow Fund founders

Pillow was founded by a team with deep expertise in DeFi, crypto, digital asset management, and building global, scalable businesses.

‍Arindam Roy‍‍

‍Kartik Mishra‍‍

‍Rajath KM


Who are Pillow’s investors? 

Pillow is supported by some of the greatest blockchain investors in the world, including Elevation Capital, Quona, Accel Partners, Jump Capital, and others.


What is Pillow’s Business Model?

Pillow makes money by allocating money to different financial procedures.

Prior to providing our users with the promised interest, Pillow retains a percentage of the income collected as our revenue.


In which countries does Pillow operate?

Pillow is accessible worldwide and has users in more than 60 nations.

Users can register and begin investing in Pillow from anywhere in the world.


What is Pillow’s track record?

Over the past two years, Pillow has served over 50,000 users in more than 60 countries, and we have given our consumers the highest returns, safety, and security of their money.


Are the returns of up to 14% APY guaranteed?

Based on current market conditions, the strategy provides up to 6% APY on other assets and up to 14% APY on the USD product.

On a daily basis, there are a few little variations.


To maintain complete transparency and to provide the users the opportunity to make the right choices as and when they are needed, any significant changes to these prices will be informed to the users well in advance.


When do I start earning returns after successful deposits?

Users can begin earning rewards right away after a successful deposit.

Returns are credited each day at 11:30 AM Nigerian time for convenience.


How often are the returns credited to my account?

Every day at 11:30 AM, the returns are credited to your account.


What is the return rate on USDC | USDT?

Pillow will never exchange your assets for unrelated ones.

You always leave with the assets you deposited plus any additional returns.


What kinds of tokens are offered on Pillow?

The following cryptocurrencies are currently supported by Pillow for investment and storage: USDC, USDT, BTC, ETH, MATIC, SOL, and AXS.


Which payment methods are supported?

The following payment types are accepted:

Bank Deposits

Pillow does not formally support bank deposits. 

Only the cryptocurrency is put in the user’s Pillow account once Pillow links customers to a third-party on-ramp provider in Nigeria that allows you to buy cryptocurrency using Naira bank accounts.

Crypto Deposit:

– BTC via the BTC network

– ETH via the ERC-20 network

– USDC and USD via the ERC-20 and BSC chain

– Solana via the SOL network

– MATIC via the Polygon and ERC-20 network

– AXS via the ERC-20 network


I made a deposit, but the money has not yet appeared. What should I do?

Please give the transaction some time to reflect.

Both an app notice and an email will be sent to you. If you have any further questions, please get in touch.


The maximum amount I can invest in Pillow?

The amount that can be deposited into Pillow is limitless.

There are already customers who have put more than $300k in Pillow to receive 14% returns on their investments.


I have deposited the funds. How do I invest?

Following the completion of your deposit, the investment is made automatically, and you will begin receiving daily interest.


How soon will Pillow receive my deposits?

Cryptocurrency deposits made using Pillow: 

– Will appear 15 minutes after the blockchain confirms the transaction. BTC takes longer since it needs at least three confirmations of blocks before processing.

– Your preferred exchange or wallet’s processing time for pushing the transaction to the blockchain may affect the precise time for deposit.

We have observed that some exchanges can delay processing deposits for a few hours.

For bank deposits made through the on-ramp partners of Pillow in local currency:

– Once the cash is received and the exchange to your cryptocurrency is completed successfully, the deposit is reflected.

– Once Pillow receives the funds from your bank or credit card, this process just takes a few minutes.

 – Depending on the bank or the card, it can sometimes take 15-30 minutes to receive your fiat/local currency.

– In case of any queries, please join our Telegram community or chat with our team on WhatsApp.


Pillow Fund supports which networks?

Pillow presently accepts deposits on Ethereum and the Binance Smart Chain, initially in USDC and USDT.

To save gas costs, we advise using the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) for transactions.

Only ETH on the ERC-20 network and BTC on the BTC network is accepted by Pillow.

Soon, we’ll add support for additional chains.


See more F.A.Qs about Pillow Fund here




Check out below for open rows on Pillow Fund and apply with the respective links attached to them… 


  • Under Technology

DevOps Engineer

Bangalore, Karnataka

Apply Now


Senior Software Engineer – Frontend (ReactNative)

Bangalore, Karnataka

Apply Now


Senior Software Engineer (Backend)

Bangalore, Karnataka

Apply Now


Sr Quality Assurance Engineer

Bangalore, Karnataka

Apply Now


Software Developer Intern

Bangalore, Karnataka

Apply Now


Customer Excellence Executive

Bangalore, Karnataka

Apply Now


Office Administrator

Bangalore, Karnataka

Apply Now


  • Under Products

Lead Product Designer

Bangalore, Karnataka

Apply Now


Product Analyst

Bangalore, Karnataka

Apply Now


  • Under Marketing

Copy Writer

Bangalore, Karnataka

Apply Now


Lead – Brand Marketing

Bangalore, Karnataka

Apply Now


Chief of Staff

Bangalore, Karnataka

Apply Now


Growth Manager

Bangalore, Karnataka

Apply Now


User Research Manager

Bangalore, Karnataka

Apply Now


Don’t see a role that suits you?

Kindly Email Pillow Fund Company with your CV and a cover letter to explain what you’re looking for.

Email Your CV 




DISCLAIMER: Crypto products and NFTs are unregulated and can be highly risky. There may be no regulatory recourse for any loss from such transactions. Interest Rates are subject to change anytime as per the market conditions. Exercise caution before investing. For any queries, write to [email protected].



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